1. The 4th International Saxophone Competition Josip Nochta will be held in Zagreb from June 15th to June 20th 2024 at the University of Zagreb Academy of Music (except for the 1st Eliminatory Round, the video preselection, which the candidates record before the application).
  2. The Competition falls into 4 rounds:
    1st Eliminatory Round – video preselection*
    2nd Eliminatory Round – 2 works in given order up to 20 minutes
    3rd Eliminatory Round – 3 works in arbitrary order up to 40 minutes
    4th Round – the Finale  – 2 works with the Zagreb Philharmonic in given order
  3. Candidates born on January 1st 1992 and younger can apply. The winners of previous Nochta Competitions can not apply.
  4. The application form has to be filled out online: The application form requires personal and program information as well as a video recording according to the propositions from the program.
  5. The application will be open in December 2023, and the application deadline is Friday February 9th 2024.
  6. The registration fee is 180 euros.
  7. Candidate must make a fee for the preselection process in the amount of 40 euros. Payment must be made by Friday February 17th 2024 at the link
  8. Candidates chosen for the 2nd Eliminatory Round will be contacted via e-mail by Friday February 23rd 2024. After that, Candidates chosen for the 2nd Eliminatory Round must make a fee in the amount of 140 euros by Friday March 1st 2024 following the instructions from the e-mail. Important update: Due to the exceptionally high number of applicants, the Candidates chosen for the 2nd eliminatory round will be notified no later than Friday March 1st 2024, instead of Friday February 23rd like it was announced earlier. Accordingly, the new deadline for payment of the registration fee for the Candidates who have passed the video preselection will be Friday March 8th 2024.
  9. The application is valid only if the Candidate has made the full payment of 180 euros.
  10. Any incorrect information in the application form will result in disqualification of the Candidate.
  11. If a Candidate decides to withdraw from the Competition, no refund will be made. In case of cancellation of the Competition due to force majeure, the Organizer will refund the registration fee minus administrative costs (agency and bank costs).
  12. Only originally printed scores (if published) can be used for the Competition.
  13. If the Organizer requests, the Candidate must send a PDF of the free choice work for the 3rd to
  14. Changes regarding the program written in the Application form will not be permitted, except in case of necessity for the free choice work in 3rd round.
  15. Official pianists will be available. Each Candidate is allowed a 20 minute rehearsal for the 2nd Round and a 40 minute rehearsal for the 3rd Round. Additional rehearsals, if necessary, should be settled directly between the pianist and the Candidate. The candidate may bring his own pianist at his own expense.
  16. Daily practice according to available space and time, as well as an acoustic check at the Competition hall, will be provided for all Candidates.
  17. The Finalists will have one rehearsal and one general rehearsal with the orchestra.
  18. The Competition is open to the public.
  19. The Organizer reserves all rights for any kind of audio-video broadcast during all rounds of the Competition without any compensation to the Candidates. The Candidate agrees to have his personal information (name, last name, date and place of birth, musical training, etc.) published on the official website, social media, program booklets and other promotional material of the Competition.
  20. The Jury reserves the right to stop any candidate whose program exceeds the agreed duration without consequences for Candidate’s points.
  21. Performances will be held in alphabetic order starting with the letter M (m). The performance order in 3nd round might be changed by Organizer (depending on the program and the schedule of pianists).
  22. All Candidates must register at the Competition Office at the 1st floor of the Academy of Music on June 14th 2024, no later than 7 p.m.
  23. The candidates bear the charges for their travel, lodging and food.
  24. 10 Candidates chosen by the Jury will enter the 3rd Round, and no more than 4 Candidates will proceed to the Final Round.
  25. All Candidates will be presented with a certificate of participation and the Finalists will be presented with a diploma.
  26. Possible complaints against Jury decisions will not be taken into consideration.
  27. By submitting the online application the Candidates indicate that they accept the conditions of the Competition.
  28. In case of any ambiguities caused by translation, the Croatian text of the Competition rules is considered authoritative.

* The Finalists of the 8th International Adolphe Sax Saxophone Competition and the IX Andorra International Solo Saxophone Competition are immediately accepted to the 2nd Round, however they also must fill out the application form by Friday February 9th 2024.