Academy of Music

University of Zagreb Academy of Music is the largest and oldest higher musical institution in Croatia.

It is the direct successor of the Croatian Music Institute music school which was founded in 1829. At the turn of the 20th century the school became the conservatory, and in 1921 it was renamed to Royal Academy of Music. It has been a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb since 1979. Many renowned artists and educators have studied and worked at the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Through their efforts at home and abroad they have confirmed and strengthened the reputation of the Academy and its high level of excellence in music education. Academy of Music is striving towards becoming the leading institution in the region and set high stand ards in all segments in the field of higher music education. Our goal is to become a music centre with international reputation that will be recognized as a desirable destination for study and work by students and professors from around the world. The values on which we wish to build this vision are high artistic and pedagogical quality of the teaching staff, development and innovation of study programs and th e development of professional competencies of our graduates. By ensuring the continuity and development of musical art Academy wants to create artistic and intellectual elite of young musicians who will, through their public activity, influence the development of culture and art thus benefitting the community.