Dear Contestants of the 3rd International Saxophone Competition Josip Nochta,
We are so excited to meet all of you in Zagreb in June!

Here is a few information before you visit us.


Click here to check the newest information about entering CroatiaPlease read the information carefully!

In short and in most cases, you can enter Croatia:

  • with a negative PCR or RAT test not older than 48 hours (counting from the time of taking the swab)
  • with a positive PCR or RAT test that is between 11 and 180 days old (meaning that you recovered from COVID in the past 6 months)
  • with a vaccination certificate
  • without a negative PCR or RAT test – but you have to perform it immediately upon arrival to Croatia, with the obligation to stay in self-isolation until the arrival of a negative test result

There are some exceptions to these rules, so please, read the link above carefully!



We get this question a lot, and the answer is – a bit strange like everywhere else, but relatively ok. To answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • Bars and restaurants are open until 10 pm (soon to be 11 pm!).
  • Hotels are open.
  • Masks are required indoors, but not outdoors if you can keep a 1.5 meters distance.
  • Concerts are held with a limited audience.

Here is a helpful link to learn more about Croatia during COVID times.

We are also looking forward to the relaxations of some of the measurements from June 1st!



When you arrive to the Academy on registration day you will be greeted by Edita who will take your temperature and point you to the Competition Office. There you will have to sign a statement saying that you won’t come to the Academy if you develop any symptoms of COVID and that you will wear a mask at all times (other than practise and competition times, of course). You will also receive a card with the Nochta logo that we ask you to wear around the building so that the staff of the Academy knows that you are a participant of the Competition.

The Competition will remain open for the audience and you will be able to listen to other contestants. We will, of course, keep in mind the limitation of our Hall to ensure enough distance for everyone in the audience. The Final Round will be tricky and the audience will depend on the exact number of players in the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra – but AdolpheSax.com to the rescue! All rounds will be streamed on the website so, even if you can’t join us in the Hall, you will be able to follow the entire Competition.

The Nochta staff will follow all the guidelines to keep the contestants and ourselves safe, and we hope you will do the same!



Registration day is June 4th!

At the ground floor of the Academy of Music (Trg Republike Hrvatske 12, Zagreb) you will be greeted by Edita who will take your temperature, show you where the Bersa Hall is and point you to the Office of the Competition on the 1st floor.

In the Office on the 1st floor you will meet Dunja and Barbara who will register you and tell you everything you need to know about the schedule, our building and everything else you need or want to know about the Competition or Zagreb (including where to drink coffee or have a quick lunch).

Dunja and Barbara will be in the Office all day every day and you can always reach out to them!



In the Office you can check your competition and piano rehearsal schedule and book a 10 minute acoustic rehearsal in the Bersa Hall (we advise that you do this on registration day!).

In the Office you will also be able to book a practise room – each candidate is guaranteed to have a practise room for 2 hours per day for the 1st Round (2 hours or 1 hour + 1 hour). After you finish your 2 hour term, if there is enough room Dunja and Barbara will try to book an extra hour for everyone interested, but, please, keep in mind that this is not guaranteed.

Registration is open from 09.00 to 19.00 pm. If for some reason you can’t come and register on the 4th, please let us know as soon as possible at gparadzik@muza.hr!




The schedule is published and you can  download it here!

Please keep in mind that it can change slightly, however we guarantee that the day of your competition won’t change! Also, if we have to move your time a bit, we will only move it around that time. For example, if you are set to perform in the afternoon on June 5th, we won’t move you to another day or even to the morning of the 5th.

We will  publish a more detailed schedule including your piano rehearsals a week before registration!



For every round of the Competition you will have a room 30 minutes before you go on stage to concentrate and to leave your belongings there. The rooms will be monitored while you are not in the room. Someone from our staff will take you to the hall before you have to go on stage.

Each candidate will receive a certificate of participation.

The results of the 1st Round will be announced at the Bersa Hall at 13.00 on June 7th.

The results of the 2nd Round will be announced at the Bersa Hall at 21.00 on June 8th.

The results of the Final Round and the Award Ceremony will be held at the Bersa Hall at 21.00 on June 10th.

The rehearsals with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will be held on June 9th from 18.30 to 21.30 and on June 10th from 09.30 to 12.30. Each of the four candidates will have an equal amount of time with the Orchestra.

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